Sunday, October 13, 2013


Garage sales, thrift stores, junk bins and your own attic. That's where you can always find the best stuff! I have had my eye out for frames lately since I have a disproportionate amount of wall space to framed artwork.  An old frame became the new home for French farmer's almanac pages from the 30's and a paper crane I made to put on the front door of our Parisian closet we lived in so Jay would know which UN-numbered paint-peeling door was ours.

This tiny guy was a gift from my good friend Julie, it's a tiny etching of a sparrow pressed between two pieces of soldiered glass.

 Here's a piece I finally got around to framing, a watercolor I traded rendering work for. This was back when Architects needed watercolorists instead of a Mac tablet, I know, I dating myself.

A  collection of old framed renderings, whimsical watercolors and contemporary oil paintings.

Perhaps the best frame of all, also happens to be the oldest. Here an antique Rococo mirror hangs in my bedroom, easily one of the best estate-sale finds ever. Hope this inspires you to go out and find some cool thrift/yard sale stuff! Feel free to post your finds in the comment section!

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